Use. Start Using One Traffic Source.

Use one traffic source to start with your business online and launch your campaign with your perfect customer in mind.

It is important to note that we don’t create traffic. We identify the traffic meaning where are your ideal customers most likely to spend most of there time. Are they on Facebook? On Twitter? On Google+? Where are they. Select just one.

Let’s say we use Facebook as an example. Create your own Facebook Business Page. This is different from your personal profile account. Your page will serve as your marketing tool to guide people from Facebook to your website. Your website is where your business is. Not Facebook. I highly recommend that you use your personal name to create a business page for startup entrepreneurs. Why? Because Facebook is a people platform not a company platform. Would you like to chat to a company name Coca-cola or to a person Kathryn Bernardo? Make sense. Right?

Your Facebook Page under your personal name is a life time project. You may have different businesses but you only have one personal name. Imagine if you have a following of 100,000 users on Facebook within your niche. You can introduce multiple businesses. Of course, you have to focus on one business first and make it successful before moving on to the next.