Hi, welcome to my website! Fern here. I was born in the Philippines, finish Computer Engineering in Cebu City, a speaker, a marketer, an entrepreneur and a family man.

Went into a computer shop business for 6 months.

Joined the network marketing industry in 2010. Earned a success with one company producing more than 20,000 members in 3 years.

As one of the founders, established a cooperative business in 2014. Became the Chairperson and received grant from DOLE and capital from DSWD under my term.

Currently, I devote my efforts creating partnership with entrepreneurs, educators and business owners in providing everyone useful digital marketing tools to amplify, accelerate and automate the message they represent bringing meaningful value to empower the people they serve.

This is my journey to the digital world of marketing.

I hope, if you decide to explore more on the ideas and messages I share online, you will find what you need that will bring an amazing experience and realization on your part.

Thank you and hope to see you more here.

Regards always,